About Integrative Dermatology

Integrating conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

Integrative Dermatology combines the best of conventional dermatology with some of the more holistic options of an alternative approach. For the patient whose skin condition is resistant to conventional therapies or for the patient who prefers to limit exposure to pharmaceuticals, a focus on nutrition, environment and lifestyle can be useful.

Emphasizing nutrition, environment and lifestyle.

Dietary changes and prudent nutritional supplements can profoundly affect some skin conditions. Modifications in the home or workplace sometimes result in dramatic improvement. Examples of lifestyle changes include new ways of bathing, alterations in exercise routines, incorporation of meditation or other prayerful time in the daily routine, changes in clothing or home furnishings and so on.

Focusing on the unique biology of each patient.

This approach allows us to focus on the patient rather than on the disease. Chronic diseases in particular differ from patient to patient. The factors that precede, trigger or exacerbate the condition vary among the patients who suffer from the problem. Integrative Dermatology uses a diagnostic and treatment system based on Functional Medicine principles as outlined by the Institute for Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine is a science-based healthcare approach that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.

Taking advantage of the power of conventional medicine when necessary.
As a dermatologist trained in a well-respected conventional program, Dr. Treloar understands the powerful effects and risks of prescription drugs and can prescribe them when necessary and appropriate. She can perform various surgical techniques to treat growths, infections and skin cancers. She can take advantage of conventional laboratory techniques and tests if needed. While she prefers to help her patients via the holistic techniques, when appropriate, she uses the tools of conventional medicine to the fullest beneficial effect.