The Clear Skin Diet

Dr. Alan Logan and Dr. Valori Treloar

While acne has long been a problem for adolescents, in recent decades acne has been on the rise amonog adults as well, particularly among women. Some studies correlate this upsurge with changes in the dietary habits. The Clear Skin Diet is designed to help those who suffer from acne to understand what it is, why they have it, what it has to do with their eating habits, and what they can do to prevent it or lessen its impact. The Clear Skin Diet introduces the acne diet and lifestyle.

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Book Reviews

“I love this book! As a dermatologist trained in the traditional Western medicine approach to disease, I read this book with skepticism. Drs Logan and Treloar have made a convert of me! The information presented is so concise and well researched that it is impossible not to be excited by the plan.”

− Mark G. Rubin, MD 
Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University of California, San Diego

“The Clear Skin Diet is absolutely essential reading for anyone trying to rid themselves of acne. Despite decades of denial by most in mainstream dermatology, convincing scientific evidence presented in this wonderfully written book clearly and concisely demonstrates how diet may cause acne. Drs. Treloar and Logan apply years of clinical experience along with the most recent science to show you precisely which foods you should eat or avoid while clearing up your complexion. Read it for yourself and get a copy for your doctor!”

− Loren Cordain, PhD 
Professor, Colorado State University
Author of the acclaimed bestseller The Paleo Diet

"This book may be more aptly titled The Clear Skin Lifestyle because of the importance the authors place on proper sleep, exercise, relaxation, stress management, and mindfulness in fighting mild to moderate acne. Naturopathic physician Logan (The Brain Diet) and integrative dermatologist Treloar have created an informative, useful resource for the holistic treatment of bad skin. Most of the nutritional advice is typical of any healthy diet: eat fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, lean meats, fish, whole grains. The authors provide evidence that dairy can aggravate bad skin. Genetics, diet, stress, and lifestyle all play a part in contributing to acne, and nutritional solutions can influence all three aspects. Many recipes are influenced by traditional Japanese cuisine. The authors rely on medical studies and published reports to back up their assertions and write in an authoritative style while explaining any medical jargon. This book would be a useful addition for adult public health collections."

– Elaine M. Lasda Bergman, Healthcare Assn. of New York State

“Acne is erupting onto the face of the Western culture, with dangerous pills and marginally helpful lotions and potions the only solution−that is, until now. Looking far more than skin deep, Drs. Treloar and Logan examine the real roots and science behind this bubbling epidemic in adults and children. Dealing with the causes of acne from the inside out, The Clear Skin Diet is the only ‘solution’ you will need to clear up your skin!”

− Mark Hyman, MD 
Author of the New York Times bestseller UltraMetabolism 
Editor in Chief, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine